Friday, October 10, 2008

Up Mori Tower

For 1,500 yen, in Roppongi Hills, you can spend the evening in Mori Tower.  (Mr. Mori is like Donald Trump of Japan[wiki link]) First stop is the Tokyo City View which is a 360 degree view of Tokyo.  We took a few pictures infront of the most brilliantly lit structure in the Tokyo evening: The Tokyo Tower.
From Japan
  Then at about 8:30pm, we were lucky enought to catch the fireworks at Disneyland from far away.  It was like watching sparks fly out from a lighter's flint because it was so small off the distance.  The observation deck would have also been nice but that closed earlier in the evening.  So, we went to the Mori Art Museum.  At this time, the French artist Annette Messager (wiki link) was on exhibit.  I suggest you pick up a English listening guide from the desk if you go (a set of headphones would also be perfect to plug into it).  
From Japan
It was an ... interestingly weird art exhibit.  Not a bad $15 evening especially in these tough economic times. Meals are optional.

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