Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Evening Drive (Golf)

I've tried a lot of things in Japan, so how about golf? Well I couldn't afford the green fees so the next best thing is to hit the driving range... at the biggest driving range in Tokyo! The Lotte Kasai Golf Range. Three decks high and just over 250 yards far. Its automated. It tees up a ball automatically and adjustable height too. For the amount of 3600 yen, I get a card worth 136 ball at the upper deck and two golf clubs of choice.
From Japan
It was well lit and beautiful astro turf greens. One cool thing is when the balls are recovered the flags fall horizontally and sweep the balls off the greens and into the gutters. Then balls roll back to the collection point and the flags prop back up. Toshie tried it too. Not too bad for her first time at golf.
From Japan

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