Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dining In Maid Cafe

One of the attractions in Akihabara is to stop by and have a drink or meal at a maid cafe (wiki link).
From Japan
These cafes have pretty young women wearing French maid outfits as they serve food and drinks. They look cute and lovable and go around talking in their cute small voice. If you buy their specials, they would draw anything at your request on your omelet or cappuccino. I told her to draw me her most artistic drawing and she drew me a heart with Chinese characters for love.
From Japan
She probably did that because I was with my friend. My friend was the only girl in there. It was mostly men often young geeks. So the waitress probably thought we were a couple since I managed to drag a girl in the cafe. Unfortunately, they are strict about taking pictures. I can't take photographs of the girls or any part of the restaurant except the table and myself. So I had to make do with the restrictions.
From Japan
They even went as far as covering my background with a tray. The only time they would allow a photograph is if you filled up your loyalty customer card. For men it would take 10 stamps, for women two stamps. Too bad. It was an amusing place but maybe another maid cafe around the area would be better.

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