Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its My Last Night

Saddened these last few days that I have to return to the U.S. I didn't want to leave behind such nice friends who have been so kind and accommodating to me. I really felt at home here in Japan. "If I could take them back with me to Los Angeles..." I could only wish. Its been a wonderful 54 days. So we all got together in an Izakaya. Back to where it all started when I met my first friend Yohko. We ordered those interesting foods and shared each one picking them with our chopsticks. And shared our experiences, memories, laughed and took pictures. And talked about my return to Japan or their visit to L.A. if they could get the chance. I promised them I would give them as great experience as mine was.
From Japan
To all of them and all you readers, I wish to say, "Domo arigato gozaimatsu." It seems that two different worlds met, mine and theirs, and now It feels like it has been dramatically altered forever. When I see my friends back in L.A. again, I will probably be telling them my stories of Japan again and again for many years to come. Good bye, Japan and beautiful friends. On this last night you made my wish come true and came to see me. (The others who couldn't make it, it's OK, I'll miss you all too.) To my cousin Jorence, thank you, I hope we will have many more fun times in the years to come. To my cousin Hans: Please take care of yourself and don't work to hard. I am very grateful to you and your hospitality. I hope you stay healthy and strong. I will never forget the fun times we've had. God bless all you you.

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