Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tokyo Anime Center

OK, I've been wanting to see this place since I like a few anime shows and movies. The previous three times I've been to Akihabara I couldn't find it. Well this time, I was gonna hunt the place down. Toshie and I asked a few Otakus where it would be but they were no help (Toshie says thats because they are afraid of real people). Eventually, we found the place close to the Akihabara JR Station.
From Japan
When we entered the place, we were disappointed because it was only a small room. Not much to marvel at. There were some anime mannequins and robots that we took pictures with. There were also some informational pamphlets, posters, a small exhibit, and some displays.
From Japan
We were more impressed by the souvenir shop which carried alot of anime favorites which we began reminisce about. I guess I expected more. Anyways, you shouldn't expect an anime convention type atmosphere when you visit this place.
From Japan
No wonder the otakus didn't know where it was. It wasn't all it was hyped up to be in the tourist guide books.

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