Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Got Shrine?

In places around the city, you will find these mini-shrines, I would guess for convinence (like having an am/pm around every corner here in Tokyo).  I've read that many things about the Japanese religion is related to Shinto worship (wiki link).  I ran into one at Morioka City and made an offering.  I tossed a 5 yen coin (supposely the Japanese name for the 5 yen coin is synonymous to the future) and bowed twice, clapped my hands twice, made a request/prayer, and bowed once again.  I just thought I'd give it a try send a prayer for someone.  
From Japan
After tossing that coin, I suddenly felt like hitting the craps tables.  Ok, Las Vegas, you're next on my destination list after Japan (casino face = on).  

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Richard Lillis said...

Vegas! The other happiest place on earth.