Wednesday, October 22, 2008

News Flash: Japan's Nav Sys Kicks Butt!!!

I rode in my friends car last night. Her GPS system is nothing like I've ever seen before. And she drives a Toyota Yaris! She has features on it like it was a Lexus. And it was all Original Toyota! Not after market.
From Japan
Here are the features I saw and the ones she showed me.
*Slow traffic notifier and also calculates it into the travel time.
*In this city of tall buildings, its still pretty accurate. Right up to the moment of the turn.
*It tells her exactly which lane to take, ie. take the 3rd lane from the middle to turn left because she needs to be on the right side of the road for the next turn.
*It shows here a pop up window of the turn coming up if she needs to take to ramp going up or the ramp going down with arrows pointing to the direction.
*It comes with a back up camera and sensors that detect her parking alignment to the painted parking dividers.

Something has to be wrong if she is driving a state of the art Yaris and in the U.S., I've never heard of anything like these features in a car let alone a Yaris!

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Richard Lillis said...

you should go to a Toyota dealership when you get back and ask to test drive the Yaris.