Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Ate Moby Dick

It was raw, red, and nothing like I've had before.  I was tempted by the Darkside and I turned to side with it.  I'm sorry Greenpeace.  I confess, I've eaten it and loved it.  I'm talking about RAW WHALE SASHIMI.  
From Japan
When I came face-to-face with it, I couldn't resist the privilege of eating "Willy" that sea-loving mammal.  I dunno what kind of whale it was, It could have been an endangered species for all I know, but it was delicious.  But don't get me wrong, whale meat is still off my daily regular diet.  It happened earlier today when we arrived at our hiking starting point at Hamakanaya Station in Chiba.  We decided that we'd eat kaiten sushi in Funaosa Restaurant at this small fishing town.
From Japan
  The pair of sushi was expensive at about 690 yen per plate (the most expensive plate).  There were others too that were interesting sushi.  
From Japan
They were all fresh thats why they tasted so great!

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