Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toshiba Hospital

I managed to get a tour of Toshiba Hospital by a friend who works for Toshiba Corporation. Apparently, Toshiba has its own hospital that also caters to its employees as well as the general public. In fact most companies in Japan have such an arrangement. Even Kikomann Soy Sauce Corporation has its own Hospital and it says "Kikomann" on it. Toshiba Hospital runs on Toshiba products. Everything! Even the elevators is Toshiba.
From Japan

I looked around and its similar to U.S. hospitals. I took careful attention to the nurse's station, in case I want to work in Japan someday. Well at 8pm the hospital is empty of nurses. I wondered where they are. Usually nurses would still be busy at this time doing medications, charting, and double checking orders.
In Japan, they work 8 hour shifts (8-16, 16-24, 24-8). I wouldn't be happy with that schedule, 12 hour shifts is where the money and the free time is.
My friend says because of the laptops that she noticed, Its more likely they don't do a lot of charting either. And the patient charts maybe on the server instead of the books that American Hospitals still use.
From Japan

Its a nice hospital, but the shifts are the deal breaker for me.

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