Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Fishing Park

On our way to Shinjuku from Akihabara by JR Train, I saw this park with ponds that people were fishing on (off Ichigaya Station).
From Japan
I immediately jumped out of the train with Toshie and decided to give it a try. It was 750 yen ($7 USD) for an hour's worth of fishing including rod and bait. Unlike my previous fishing excursions (in Los Angeles), I actually (well "WE" actually) caught a carp.
From Japan
It was huge but we didn't want to keep it so we set it back into the pond. I was beginning to like this place. But it would be the only catch of the day for us.
From Japan
People can actually take home a maximum of 2 fish from the park ponds. If a person catches over 2 Kilos of fish (5 lbs), they get a free ticket back to the park. It seemed very popular and a good way to just relax and have a conversation. I can now say that I've fished in Japan!

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