Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Krispy Kreme In Japan

Remember Mr. Take, the tour guide.  He said that he once waited 2.5 hours in line for something.  It was for a Krispy Kreme  doughnut.  Since Krispy Kreme's arrival in Japan this summer,  Japanese people cannot consume enough.  I took a picture of their branch in Shinjuku with the long line of Japanese people craving for a shot of unhealthiness.
From Japan
I remember when Krispy Kreme was popular in Los Angeles, there were long lines and it contributed to declaring obesity as a disease.  It has become less popular since then.  Well now Krispy Kreme is set to breed Japanese sumo wrestlers with their delicious donuts.  It has been such a demand that Mr. Take says its a status symbol to carry a box around. 

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